About Grunt

Grunt started as a simple dummy application to gain experience using Ruby on Rails and has since evolved into my ideal form of social media: that which does not allow much commentary.

Upcoming Features
-Account Authentication/Activation
-User Profile
-Gravatar capabilities
-User relationships
-Layout animations
-Mobile styles
-Custom input for Grunts with limit restrictions and character counter
-Asynchronous follow/unfollow of other users without refreshing the page
-Asynchronous posting without refreshing the page
-User screennames
-Custom url for users based on screenname
-User searching
-Individual micropost pages
-Photo upload and storage using AWS
-Custom uploaded avatars using AWS
-A like system (using ♧ instead of ♡, clubs/caveman)
-A page to store liked posts ("Clubhouse")
-User comments on Grunts
-User tagging on Grunts
-Tags for Grunts
-Notification system
-Encrypted direct messaging
-Emoji picker for desktop
-Expand 14 characters to 28 characters
-Mobile app using Flutter/Dart and Rails API

Stay tuned for more exciting features!